The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma is a non-profit dedicated to bringing conservation organizations together and working with the Oklahoma legislature to develop sound conservation policy and ensure that legislation that has a negative impact on wildlife and habitat is defeated.

In addition to developing a strong advocacy program, the CCO is dedicated to advancing conservation education.  We must have the next generation of conservationists to preserve Oklahoma’s natural resources.

The CCO is dedicated to:

  • providing a unified voice for common-sense conservation policy;
  • supporting programs that encourage Oklahoma’s youth to connect with nature and learn about wildlife and habitats;
  • creating opportunities for citizens and lawmakers to become more aware of conservation issues that are critically important to our state’s future.

To learn more, click  on the CCO flyer.  And please look for our blog posts featuring thoughts from our coalition members and look for opportunities to work with our partners to further conservation education and activism for wildlife.

The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma is a partner of the National Wildlife Federation, Oklahoma Rising and Oklahomans for Food, Farm and Family.

OKlahomans for Food Farm and Family National Wildlife Federation Oklahoma Rising

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