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hah1As deer gun season begins, keep in mind what you plan to do with your harvested game. A cooperative program with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, Oklahoma meat processors, the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma and the Community Food Bank of eastern Oklahoma allows hunters the opportunity to help feed Oklahoma’s hungry this holiday season.

Hunters Against Hunger allows hunters who legally harvest a deer during Oklahoma’s current deer season to donate the meat to feed hungry Oklahomans. Simply deliver the deer to the nearest participating meat processor after you check the deer at a hunter check station. To help with processing charges, each donor is asked to contribute a tax-deductible $10 to assist with the program. If you wish to pay for the entire processing fee, that donation is also tax-deductible. The ground venison will then be distributed to Oklahomans in need through a network of qualified, charitable organizations.

To learn more about the Hunters Against Hunger program and view a list of participating processors, click here.