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Hottonia Bottoms

Photo Credit: The Nature Conservancy

This week, The Nature Conservancy and The Oklahoma Nature Conservancy announced Oklahoma’s newest nature preserve, Hottonia Bottoms. The 980 acre preserve is located on the Antlers Aquifier in southeast Oklahoma and spans parts of Texas, Arkansas and Lousiana.

Hottonia Bottoms is home to “more than 30 plant species per square meter – a density on par with tropical forests – making it one of the most biologically rich natural systems on Earth.”

From The Nature Conservancy:

The Nature Conservancy’s overarching conservation objectives for Hottonia Bottoms are to maintain and manage for habitat and biological diversity through land protection. Land stewardship activities will focus on maintaining the existing assemblage of habitat types through the use of conservation tools such as prescribed fire, invasive species management, species surveys and ecological monitoring.

Clear Boggy Creek, a tributary to the Muddy Boggy River, flows along the preserve’s boundary. Rivers and streams are the lifeblood of these forested bottoms, flowing across the floodplain during spring floods and leaving behind soil, seeds from upstream forests, and sediments that become natural fertilizer for plants. These rich, moist soils nourish an explosion of biological diversity.

The value of this property includes flood control, erosion control, protection of water quality, and habitat for many bird and aquatic species.

No public use is envisioned at this time for the preserve. However, guided use for the purpose of education, outreach, monitoring, and management will be permitted.