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Photo Courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation

Photo Courtesy of the National Wildlife Federation

The following appeared on the National Wildlife Federation’s blog this week in support of the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma’s opposition to State Question 777. We’re proud to be an affiliate of the NWF and will continue to work hard to conserve our land, our water, our wildlife and our rights.

As a conservation organization, the National Wildlife Federation considers “bad” legislation to be that which is harmful or has the potential to be harmful to wildlife or the environment. Just such a piece of legislation came out of the Oklahoma legislature in 2015. Now, it is up to the citizens of Oklahoma to stop that legislation this November when they cast their ballots.

The legislative package the CCO is fighting is known as State Question 777 (SQ777) and carries with it the weight of the Oklahoma constitution. The CCO is leading the charge to educate the voters in Oklahoma on why passage of this state constitutional amendment would be highly detrimental to state wildlife and water resources.

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