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From the Tahlequah Daily Press:

Members of the Tahlequah City Council Monday night formally opposed State Question 777 (SQ777), the so-called “Right to Farm” issue set to appear before Oklahoma voters next month.

Representatives of Save the Illinois River Inc. asked the body to oppose the state question, citing in large part the threat they believe passage would present to the scenic river’s health and to local government.

STIR President Denise Deason-Toyne called the state question a water quality and quantity issue, and said passage would “ham-string” the city’s ability to govern at the local level.

“Under the compelling state interest level [of the proposed state question], it will be virtually impossible for the municipality to regulate agricultural practices and agricultural technologies that might have” a local impact, she said. “Compelling state interest is the highest burden set by the courts. It is the highest legal standard; it’s almost impossible for a municipality to overcome that.”

According to Deason-Toyne, passage of SQ777 by Oklahomans will make it “virtually impossible” for the city’s elected officials to pass ordinances protecting the Illinois River watershed.

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