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Our partners and supporters at Save the Illinois River (STIR) are strong advocates of the opposition of State Question 777 (SQ777) and its negative effects on Oklahoma’s land, water and rights if passed in November.

SQ777, also known as the “Right to Farm” or “Right to Harm” measure, would add language to the state constitution stating the Oklahoma Legislature must meet a compelling state interest to pass agricultural and ranching regulations.

From the Tahlequah Daily Press:

Denise Deason-Toyne, STIR president, has said, “The inability for legislatures to regulate harmful practices would certainly interfere with our mission to preserve and protect the Illinois River, Tenkiller Lake and tributaries. Oklahomans already enjoy a right to farm and no one is attempting to take that right away. STIR believes SQ 777 can lead to serious harmful consequences which would prohibit future local and state legislative bodies from legislating protective measures for the Illinois River as well as other environmental concerns.”

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The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma stands firmly against the passage of SQ777 and encourages the public to do research before voting in November. Visit, Oklahomans for Food, Farm & Family and the Kirkpatrick Foundation for more information on State Question 777.