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Tulsa City Council signed a resolution encouraging voters to “consider the consequences” of State Question 777 if passed in November, citing the passage of the question could have a negative impact on the city’s water supply.

“The unintended consequences could be very severe for cities across the state, and we don’t have the right to come in and fix that because that’s protected in the constitution, we won’t have the ability to change it,” City Councilor, Anna America said. “Say Tulsans want to restrict a certain kind of agriculture in the city, we won’t have that right anymore.”


[T]he city council has been warned the amendment could limit Tulsa’s ability to protect the watershed for the water supply – possibly even invalidate new zoning codes developed in the last year.

America said, “If there’s a need to protect agriculture, do it another way, but we need to protect city rights to set their own land use restrictions, and our water quality is a big issue. We’re concerned about the impact this could have on the paths for water coming into Tulsa.”

The council was warned in the worst case scenario that Tulsa’s new zoning code, approved last year, could be at risk.