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Photo Credit: Sarah Hussain / Red Dirt Report

Photo Credit: Sarah Hussain / Red Dirt Report

This week, supporters of the opposition to State Question 777 (SQ777) spoke to a packed house at the Tower Hotel in Oklahoma City, including the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma’s Board Chair, Ron Suttles.

The rally focused on the negative impact SQ777 could have on water quality, environment, cities’ and farmers’ rights and more. From former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboys football coach, Barry Switzer, to Susan Bergen, owner of Peach Crest Farms, guests voiced their concerns over the vague language presented by SQ777 and if passed, the legal immunity it would grant large, corporate farming operations.

From the Red Dirt Report:

[Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation Bill John] Baker, who represented the Cherokee Nation, said the measure is just another sham to take advantage of Oklahoma and its farmers.

“We know a lot about broken treaties and laws that make no sense,” he said. “This measure should be named SQ 666, not 777. This isn’t about family farms or people who want to raise generations on the farm. It’s about money, folks, for big corporations that many never ever see the state of Oklahoma.”

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