The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma provides a unified voice for common-sense conservation policy, encourages Oklahoma’s youth to connect with nature and learn about wildlife and habitats and creates opportunities for citizens and lawmakers to become more aware of conservation issues that are critically important to our state’s future.

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National Park Service 100 Years

National Park Service Celebrates 100 Years

On Aug. 25, the National Parks Service celebrates 100 years of service! In Oklahoma and throughout the nation, our national parks provide a habitat for wildlife, including birds, insects and hundreds of mammals, like bison, deer and rabbits. This week from

Dickcissel, Photo by Curtis Hart, National Wildlife Federation

New Conservation Initiative Could Help Native Oklahoma Birds

The population of grassland birds, like Oklahoma’s dickcissel, have had a decline of more than 90 percent in recent years. With the loss and changes of habitat, pesticides and other chemicals and other factors, birds that find their home in the grasslands are


Why Selling Public Lands is a Bad Idea

Recently, legislators in several states have passed bills to sell or lease public land for a variety of uses, such as constructing roads and as “debt-relief packages” for places like Puerto Rico. Most often, these measures are buried within much larger