The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma provides a unified voice for common-sense conservation policy, encourages Oklahoma’s youth to connect with nature and learn about wildlife and habitats and creates opportunities for citizens and lawmakers to become more aware of conservation issues that are critically important to our state’s future.

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Our stance on Oklahoma Department of Tourism & Recreation budget cuts

The following is a statement from the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma’s board chair, Ron Suttles, on the possible closing of 16 state parks in Oklahoma: The Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma is very concerned about the “hypothetical” budget cuts to the Department

Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma - Photo by Shane Bevel

Dismantling BLM 2.0 Planning Rule Puts Wildlife and People at Risk

Following a previous vote by the House, the Senate moved on March 7 to roll back the Bureau of Land Management Planning 2.0 initiative, undoing years of work to bring the agency’s planning into the 21st century, involve the public


Statement On 2018 Farm Bill For Senate Committee on Agriculture

Today, The National Wildlife Federation, along with the Conservation Coalition of Oklahoma and other NWF affiliates, submitted a statement for the record for the Senate Committee on Agriculture’s Field Hearing on the upcoming Farm Bill.  “By investing more in the